If you do not actively attack the risks, they will actively attack you
— Tom Gib

AML Training 

AML training and education is a business necessity due to relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Proximal Consulting can help you by providing a high quality, cost effective bespoke solution to suit any type of business, not just financial institutions or law firms. 

We design and deliver AML training programs to meet your specific requirements and the individual needs of your business. It is our aim to provide a straightforward solution that you can commit to and administer in-house, whilst we provide invaluable ongoing support and consulting services.

Our AML training programs are:

  • Tailored to each client's requirements - not just an off-the-shelf training package
  • Fixed price
  • Delivered within agreed timescales 
  • Specific to the relevant industry and environment the client operates in
  • Designed to cover the latest and relevant legislation, regulations, laws and guidelines
  • Delivered through a variety of methods and platforms
  • Produced and delivered by Proximal Consulting: we have over fifteen years extensive global experience in KYC, AML and EDD issues

The most important factor when we design a training program is to establish what you are seeking to achieve together with what regulatory or legal requirements you must fulfill. We begin the process by meeting with you to discuss your expectations and goals, addressing general questions and issues such as:

  • What laws, regulations and guidelines your business must adhere to 
  • What AML challenges the business and the sector you operate in face
  • Is there a stated AML policy?
  • Is there a commitment by your company to install the required AML procedures and controls?
  • Has any AML staff training already taken place?
  • Are there any AML procedures already in place? Note: These procedures could either be documented or taken place but not written down
  • Is there any other internal information or documents that exist in relation to the subject of AML?

We are committed to providing you with ongoing support and consulting services after delivering AML training to enable you to effectively deal with the real problems you encounter on a day to day basis. Our KYC EDD reports and country risk reports can provide you with the vital tools you need to ensure your AML training is applied effectively and that you meet your company’s specific legal and regulatory requirements.

Talks by Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley, the founder of Proximal Consulting, also gives presentations on various topics including money laundering, business crime, corruption and related issues. Examples of feedback from delegates about Peter Lilley include: 

Interesting and entertaining…a good deal more fun than most of our more academic (i.e. dry as dust) legal topics!
— London Law Firm
An excellent and relaxed speaker, very enjoyable - a hard act to follow...
— Due Diligence Conference attendee
Of the eight speakers he was the star....
— Council of Mortgage Lenders Fraud Prevention Conference
Peter Lilley again
— Mortgage Fraud Prevention Conference attendee when asked for suggestions on future speakers

For more information or to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your requirements, please contact us.