Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing
— Warren Buffett

Country Risk Reports

When establishing a business or financial relationship with a new customer it is essential to carry out thorough KYC checks in order to validate and verify the information they provide, as well as to protect yourself from becoming associated with money laundering and organized criminal activity.

When considering doing business in a new country, it is equally important to assess any potential business or financial risks that might exist in the subject country, such as corruption, money laundering or political instability which could adversely affect your dealings there. You may be considering entering a new market, setting up an office, establishing a subsidiary or forming a joint venture.  Alternatively you may already be operating in the country in question. 

Whatever the reason, up-to-the-minute and business focused intelligence in relation to the country you want to operate in – or are already operating in – will give you the means to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive awareness of the major business risks that exist.

Our country risk reports take our extensive practical knowledge and experience a stage further, providing you with reliable and credible advice on country risks. Our reports are an invaluable tool for staying ahead in the fast-moving international business environment of today.  We provide critical business intelligence on risks and issues that you may encounter when you conduct business in a new country.

Our country risk reports:

  • Analyze both national and local risks, specifying examples and sources
  • Provide a detailed examination of political risks, which can assist in the identification of politically exposed persons (PEPS)
  • Identify financial and business risks
  • Identify money laundering  and corruption risks 
  • Outline any sanctions that are relevant to the subject country

Our country risk reports are designed to demonstrate how the above factors could affect your business in the short to medium term.

Each of our country risk reports is fully tailored to the individual requirements of our client, containing freshly researched and up-to-the-minute information. These reports complement our KYC EDD reports on individuals or companies.

Our country risk reports are compiled and supplied in a confidential manner at a fixed price and within an agreed time frame.

Our resources section features client case examplesfrequently asked questions and fact sheets of key AML topics alongside our archived white paper collection.

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