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Dirty Dealing The Untold Truth About Money Laundering 
“Lilley has done his homework thoroughly and is wise to the variety of techniques used. He justifies his exposure of the techniques to the wrong people by arguing that it is our lack of knowledge which the launderers often use to their advantage…One of the top four business books, a ground-breaking book”
— Carol Kennedy, Review in “Director” magazine

Dirty Dealing: The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering, International Crime and Terrorism
By Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley’s fascinating book exposes the awesome scale of global money laundering and its filtration into the world’s legitimate business structures.  Full of startling facts and figures, it includes updated information on:

  • the funding of international terrorism
  • major national and international criminal groups
  • the impact of the internet and “cyber laundering”
  • anti–money laundering strategies for all types of business

The English language edition of Dirty Dealing was originally published in 2000 with a second edition published in 2003, and a new full updated edition appearing in 2006. The book has also been published in various other languages including Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Hungarian.

It is recommended by the US Department of State in their money laundering and corruption reading list and was the UK Institute of Directors “Director” magazine book of the month and one of the top four business books of the year.

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Dirty Dealing is a valuable addition to studies of the subject. It is entertaining and well written and presented
— The Irish Times

Hacked Attacked & Abused Digital Crime Exposed 

Hacked Attacked & Abused Digital Crime Exposed 

This excellent expose of digital crime stems from Peter Lilley’s own expertise of over 20 years in the field of prevention, detection and investigation of global business crime and money laundering…Hacked, Attacked and Abused is a valuable resource aimed at managing and minimising the risk of crime
— Asian Voice

Hacked Attacked and Abused: Digital Crime Exposed
By Peter Lilley

An investigation into one of the largest risks to any business: criminal attacks on their technology. Businesses are totally dependent on technology, yet the users of such are ignorant of the risks inherent in it. “Hacked Attacked and Abused” gives case studies and preventative advice for all levels of management.

We live in a world that has changed beyond recognition in the last ten years: it is almost possible to live your entire life online or through technology. But just like in real life, with this hi-tech existence come risks and a shadowy side. The tremendous advances and opportunities that technology has delivered have also opened up a Pandora’s Box of possibilities for darker deeds. Terrorists, organized criminals, fraudsters and money launderers have all jumped at the opportunities offered them. In the meantime hackers, crackers and virus creators have tried and succeeded in subverting the online environment. Pornography, paedophilia, hate sites, grudge sites, terrorist information – it’s all there in glorious detail on the Internet.

Hacked, Attacked and Abused is an in-depth exposé of this Internet underbelly. Expert author Peter Lilley gives us a compelling account of the risks inherent in our reliance on technology. He provides an overview and evaluation of crime, fraud and risk in the digital age by exploring how we got where we are now, where we are going and what risks we face in the future.