KYC Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Since 1999 Proximal Consulting have been providing precise, detailed and confidential KYC enhanced due diligence (EDD) reports in over 140 countries and international jurisdictions. Our EDD reports are tailor-made to each client’s specifications, thus fulfilling their legal and regulatory obligations. 

Our KYC enhanced due diligence reports are:

  • Fixed price 
  • Strictly confidential
  • Tailor-made to the client’s requirements
  • Completed in an agreed time frame
  • Produced to ensure our client is not exposed to reputational, operational, legal or concentration risks
  • Precisely written 
  • Rigorously researched and analyzed and not just simple database search results
  • Factual, impartial and objective 
  • We are particularly adept at providing background information on high net worth individuals and/or associated corporate entities, and politically exposed persons (PEPs)

Our reporting aims to:

  • Validate the address and other details provided by the subject of our report thus ensuring that fundamental KYC checks are carried out
  • Provide comprehensive information on the current and previous business activities of the subject of our report
  • Provide detailed intelligence on the status of the subject and their source of funds, enabling our client to evaluate the suitability of the person/company
  • Establish whether any links exist between the subject of our report and money laundering, organised crime, terrorism and/or corruption

We have extensive experience in conducting enquiries in the following locations:

Please note that we are not limited to the above locations. We offer true worldwide coverage.

Complementary Services

We also have substantial experience in providing reports on:

To complement our KYC EDD reports we offer bespoke investigations, country risk reports and AML training. Please see the separate pages on each of these services for further details.