Proximal Consulting 

Proximal Consulting are global KYC and AML experts specializing in enhanced due diligence (EDD) reports since 1999

Our safety lies not in blindness, but in facing our dangers
— von Schiller (1759-1805)

Proximal Consulting have unrivalled experience in providing KYC enhanced due diligence background reports on individuals and companies on a global basis. We also offer a complementary range of services including AML training, country risk reports and bespoke investigations. 

Our enhanced due diligence reports are tailor-made to our clients' specifications. They are totally different from the usual database-led reports that often fail to meet enhanced due diligence requirements. Our reports present clear, accurate and confidential findings which enable our clients to make informed business decisions and to fulfill their AML obligations.

We work with a variety of global clients including regulatory agencies, law firms, individual companies, private banks, trust companies and other firms in the financial sector.

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